The story of The Dolphin

Some people wonder about the significance of a bronze dolphin for this prosthodontic practice.  A little background may prove helpful.  Growing up in a dental family near the coast in Los Angeles, Dr. Murrell developed an early interest and love of marine life and oceanography.  At the same time, he also learned of the various concerns or fears commonly experienced by dental patients.

From the days of the ancient Greeks, stories abound of dolphins helping people in need, using their incredible strength, friendliness, and sensitivity skillfully.  This dolphin was sculpted by Wyland, the very talented and respected artist well-known for his support of educational practices to help preserve marine life, and his popular transformations nationwide of very large wall spaces into painted murals of life-size marine animals.  Called “The Friendly Dolphin”, this bronze sculpture, with its exquisitely crafted patina, represents the intelligence, adaptability, and beauty seen in these mammals, and symbolizes the qualities that we strive to achieve in our services.  For almost 40 years, Dr. Murrell’s primary focus has been putting patients at ease by being friendly, informative, resourceful, gentle, and meticulous, while delivering excellent results both functionally and artistically.  We hope that this dolphin sculpture may bring you pleasure, as well as a better understanding of our values.